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Our Planning Process

Five Seasons Financial uses a well-established, industry endorsed six step planning process to help identify and implement your financial plans. At the end of this process, each client receives a personalized financial binder containing their financial projections, investment and insurance analyses as well as locations for important documents and ongoing statements. These six steps include:

1. Building a Solid Foundation

We will clearly explain the services and products that will be provided to you and will outline both our responsibilities as well as yours in the client advisor relationship. We believe in complete transparency and will always explain how we are paid and by whom.

2. Financial and Lifestyle Discovery

In many ways this is the most important step in the process. This is where we gather information about your financial situation including your lifestyle and financial goals. While this step can involve a lot of facts and figures it is equally important to discuss your goals and dreams and any special circumstances within your family.

3. Financial Analysis

We utilize a sophisticated financial modeling program that allows us to recreate your current financial reality and using conservative assumptions we project your assets and income out into the future. This allows us to create a realistic picture of your financial future. Included in this step of the process is a detailed analysis of your current investment and risk management portfolios. Once we have completed a preliminary analysis of your financial situation we will meet with you again and ensure the information we gathered in the Discovery step was accurate and if necessary we’ll update your projections accordingly.

4. Strategies and Solutions

Once we know your goals and have a clear picture of your financial situation we will develop and present a series of strategies tailored to help you achieve your financial goals. We will clearly explain, in detail, how these strategies work and how they will benefit you and your family.

5. Implementation

This step often involves setting up new accounts and completing various application forms and transfer documentation. As always, we will clearly explain what we are doing and how we will implement the strategies we’ve agreed upon.

6. Review and Adjustment

We will review your plans and projections no less that once per year and more regularly if the situation warrants. We understand goals can change over time and the Review step in the process is important to ensure that we are on track and heading in the right direction.