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Most Winter people (Winters) are between the ages of 60 and 85.  These Winters are either about to retire, have recently retired or in some cases have been retired for many years.  This next phase of your life is not really about “retiring”… it’s about “living your dreams” and having the financial flexibility to pursue those dreams without the need for income from employment.

One of the key value added services we offer at Five Seasons Financial is the creation of a detailed set of financial projections and a cash flow plan.  These projections will help answer a very common concern… “Will we be OK from a financial perspective in our retirement?”  The modelling software we use accounts for a variety of different income sources including government benefits, employee pension plans, and RRIF/RRSP’s.  Please click on the image to see a sample Report from our financial projections software.

Housing plans are a common issue for Winters.  Are you looking to downsize and unlock some of the value within your home?  How long would you like to continue to live in your current home?  For many Winters, the value of their home represents a significant portion of their overall net worth.  These are all important planning questions that we can help you analyze and answer!

Many Winters would like to help their adult children or their grandchildren from a financial standpoint.  There are a variety of ways of accomplishing this from giving a gift to setting up “in trust for” accounts.  For more information, please see the links below or call our office for more information.

Another common planning issue that Winters face is the passing of their Mom and Dad.  While this a sad and emotional time, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful life your parents lived!  The passing of your parents can add complexity to your life especially if you are their executor or executrix.  In some cases, Mom and Dad may leave you a substantial inheritance which can have a significant impact on your planning strategies.  Please feel free to ask us for more details on how best to deal with a sizable inheritance.

Winter is the time to get serious about planning for your own Fifth Season.  The cold, hard reality is that we are all going to pass away at point in the future.  Knowing the tax ramifications associated with the Fifth Season and ensuring there is a well-organized plan to deal you’re your estate assets is one of the most important Winter planning issues.