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Coronavirus & Market Uncertainty- What you should do.

Over the last two weeks, the financial market has taken a downturn amidst fears over Coronavirus. Understandably, investors are anxious about their money. If you are concerned with your portfolio, you’re not the only one, however during times of market volatility, it’s important to stay levelheaded to avoid making financial missteps.

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Business Owners: 2019 Tax Planning Tips for the End of the Year

If your corporate year end is December 31st, it’s a great time to review your business finances. With the federal election over and no major business tax changes for this year, 2019 is a good year to make sure you are effectively tax planning. Please keep in mind that your business may be affected by the recent tax on split income (TOSI) and the passive investment income rules given they came into effect in 2018. These rules can be complicated, please don’t hesitate to consult us and your accountant to determine how this can affect your business finances.

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Receiving an Inheritance

Inheriting an unexpected, or even an anticipated, lump sum can fill you with mixed emotions – if your emotional attachment to the individual who has passed away was strong then you are likely to be grieving and the thought of how to handle your new-found wealth can be overwhelming and confusing but also exciting.

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What is Fee Based Investing?

Fee based investing is essentially a style of investment management which charges either a monthly or quarterly fee for the service, rather than a series of charges each time an investment transaction is made. The fee covers a range of services, from initial advice on suitable investments, to portfolio rebalancing and continuous investment opportunity monitoring.

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Estate Planning for Business Owners

Writing an estate plan is important if you own personal assets but is all the more crucial if you also own your own business. This is due to the additional business complexities that need to be addressed, including tax issues, business succession and how to handle bigger and more complex estates.

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